Ambassador - The Viking Tavern

You have the Viking spirit & influence on social networks?!

Become an official ambassador at the Taverne du Viking!

The Taverne du Viking, an authentic Viking shop with handcrafted creations, is looking for people to carry and claim its products. If you ace the Viking spirit and your social networks feel it, wake up the Viking who sleeps in you™ and become an official ambassador of La Taverne du Viking.

Becoming an ambassador at La Taverne du Viking will allow you to have a promotional code for you and your audience, but also to receive a preview of our future products and work with our team on the design of our next clothing collection. The principle is simple, the more your promotional code is used, the more you receive free products at home or receive a La Taverne du Viking gift card to please you.

Obligation :
- Have at least 18 years old ,
- Have your profile INSTAGRAM in public,
- Have at least 800 subscribers on your profile Instagram ,
- Your profile must feel the Viking spirit!
- Have no other partnerships,
- Follow La Taverne du Viking on Instagram ,

As you can see it through our conditions, we will prioritize people present on instagram already with an established audience.

Applications should be sent to the following address:

Please copy and complete the following form:

Last name First Name:

Age :
Postal address :
Instagram Profile :
Other social networks :
How did you hear about La Taverne du Viking?:
did you order from our store?
Why do you want to be our brand ambassador? :
In a few lines, what is the place of Viking culture in your life?:

We will try our best to answer all requests, even if our answer is negative. Processing of requests can be 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

May the gods be with you.