Review of the year 2021

Bilan de l'année 2021

It's time for us to take stock of this year 2021 and we want to answer a few questions we have had during this years on our various social networks.

- How many are you in the team?

La Taverne du Viking has been made up of one person since 2017, who therefore has several hats. From the communication department, graphic designer, advertising, community manager, designer, coder, customer service etc. ...

- How many artisans do you have?

We have 5 craftsmen who have a team of collaborators who can go on periods of strong influence up to 6 more people.

- Why The Viking Tavern?

To bring to life a passion that is there long before television series and video games on this rich and beautiful culture around our unique creations.

- Soon a physical store?

We hope, we have been working on the subject since 2019, but the global pandemic does not allow us to project ourselves for long enough. We therefore plan to offer our products in various jewelry stores in France and specialized shops.

- And the clothes?

It's always creation, to be transparent, we have done many tests with many French factories and for the moment, we have no conclusive feedback. After a few washes, we realized that the clothes did not have the quality we expect, which is why we take our time to find quality and durable work.

- Why are my emails unanswered?

There may be several answers to your question. We use an authentication system on order-related requests. That is to say, our system synchronizes your information from your email to your order, if the order number, emails or name / surname is incorrect, they consider it suspicious and delete the email directly. It's a way may be gross from the outside, but essential and mandatory against fraud, in fact it prevents people from malicious ask information about an order or request a modification delivery address to retrieve a package that is not his. (yes, it happens.) . And as explained above, a single person manages La Taverne du Viking and Customer Service, so it is sometimes difficult to respond to all requests quickly.

- Will you resume sending them yourselves like in 2018/2019?

We made the choice after the first confinement of 2020 and faced with a disappointing observation of an increase in delivery times. ( +10days compared to the normal) to entrust our shipments to a logistics partner who carries out direct airlifts from our craftsmen to yours. Thanks to this system, for a necklace we have gone from an initial period of 20 days with manufacturing to 8 working days. 2022 will be for us the opportunity to try a new manufacturing/delivery system, we will manufacture to order only those products that are the least requested and our products headlights will always be created at the hand but in advance.

We will then be able to offer delivery in 72 hours on 40% of our products.

- Projects for 2022?

We will continue on the same line as 2021, we will continue to create and offer unique products. We are also working on books for young and old. But 2022 will mark the 5th anniversary of the shop and we are planning some BIG things happening around September-October 2022, if you are from the Rouen region, get ready...

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