Our history

The Viking Tavern draws its essence from the fertile imagination and deep desire of its founder, Stevan, to reconnect with a bygone era, simpler and more authentic. Bathed since childhood in Scandinavian legends, he grew up with one foot in the mysterious Nordic myths and sagas and the other in the forests and lands of Normandy, the land of his birth marked by an indelible Viking heritage.
This fascination has intensified over the years, fueled by in-depth study of Nordic languages ​​and cultures and family ties in Scandinavia, providing Stevan with direct immersion into the history and culture of this region. From this passion was born La Taverne du Viking, a dream come true, allowing Stevan to share his love for the Viking era with the whole world.
Today, Stevan travels the ancient Viking routes, from Norway to Ukraine, from Sweden to Denmark, via France, in search of the best materials and the most talented craftsmen to enrich his store of objects of exceptional quality and affordable price.
La Taverne du Viking aims to reconnect its customers with the era of our ancestors, awakening the viking that lies dormant in everyone. The products offered are the result of the know-how and authenticity of dedicated artisans, who combine meticulousness and attention to detail, drawing inspiration from stories and mythologies to revive sometimes forgotten cultures.
Faithful to the values ​​of the Viking culture which inspires its activity, La Taverne du Viking, with its human-sized structure based in Normandy, supports its customers in their discovery, by providing detailed and relevant information on the meaning and history behind each creation.
In 2024, embracing a bold turning point , La Taverne du Viking has decided to explore new horizons, by extending its range of artisanal products handmade by the same artisans, but this time by venturing beyond the Viking universe to reach other cultures that are just as rich and captivating.