Our history

The Viking Tavern is the product of the imagination and dreams of a simpler time. Founder Stevan G grew up with Norse stories and learned Norse myths and sagas at a young age, while exploring the forests and lands of his native Normandy rich in Viking heritage.

This inspiration was fueled by hours of precisely studying the languages ​​and cultures of the peoples of the North. Decades later, after visiting his family in Denmark and experiencing the incredible story of Nordic culture up close, he decided to make his infatuation a reality and bring his passion to life for everyone.

From now on, Stevan travels the great road of the Vikings in search of the best materials and craftsmen to enrich the collections of the store. From Norway to Ukraine, Sweden and Denmark via Russia, he will go all out to provide the best Viking products at affordable prices.

The objective of La Taverne du Viking is to bring our customers back to the ancient times of our ancestors and finally Awaken the Viking who sleeps in you. Our products display the craftsmanship and authenticity of true Nordic craftsmen who have crafted products with incredible attention and stunning detail. All our craftsmen work by hand and use traditional techniques and are inspired by history of mythology and retrace years of sometimes lost cultures.

Nor do we forget the values ​​of the culture that inspired the Viking Tavern. This is why our small Norman structure will guide you in your choice with a rich and precise meaning and history of our creations.

Since 2017, La Taverne du Viking has been able to awaken the Viking who slept in many Vikings. So why not you ?
Wake up the Viking that sleeps in you!