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Ragnar Brewery
Directly inspired by recipes dating from the 9th century, the beers from Brasserie de Ragnar are meticulously brewed to provide a whole range of flavors as authentic as they are subtle. From the simplicity of Les Élémentaires to the ancient plants and techniques of Intemporelles, including the rich and complex brews of our Indomptables, discover now the story behind each of the beers.
Located in the town of Oissel, Brasserie Ragnar defends the most Viking part of the identity and history of Normandy. Their premises houses production tools where 100% of the recipes are developed, produced and bottled.

La Brasserie de Ragnar believes that quality beer can only be brewed by craftsmen who are as professional as they are passionate, as open to new developments as they are aware of the contributions of the past. This concern for balance has driven the team since 2014 and sets the direction for the entire crew of their brewing longship.

Find a selection of La Taverne du Viking products directly in their premises in Oissel and leave directly with our creations.