Conditions relating to the issuance of a notice

The Avis by Loox solution is based on collecting an Opinion after a product and not a consumer experience.

Each Opinion given must necessarily relate to the product received via the site. Also, Consumers who file a Notice must imperatively respect the following conditions:

• be a natural person;
• not be in a situation of conflict of interest with the site;
• have personally had the experience of consuming the Product or service on which he relates his Opinion.

The Consumer guarantees the sincerity and authenticity of his Opinion. He refrains from issuing statements that are inappropriate or contrary to the law and morality.

The Consumer may be contacted for verification purposes. Loox and La Taverne du Viking has the elements to identify the Consumer and to certify his act of consumption. Identification can be done by e-mail, telephone or any other means allowing direct contact with the Consumer.

The Consumer guarantees for this purpose the accuracy and authenticity of the Personal Data that he communicates.

The Consumer will be able to submit a Review for a period of three (3) months following the invitation sent by email by La Taverne du Viking using Loox.

Finally, a request for an Opinion may be sent to the Consumer upon presentation of proof of Purchase in his name, provided that this act of consumption has been carried out within the last 12 (twelve) months.
The possibility for a Consumer to issue a Customer Review, following an act of consumption is therefore limited in time.

5.B: Moderation Process

5.B.1. Principle

Moderation is a process prior to the publication of a Notice which aims to guarantee the compliance of the content collected with French law and the Afnor NF Z74-501 standard as well as the General Conditions of Use.

Loox and La Taverne du Viking undertake to comply with all of these provisions in order to preserve the reliability of the Customer Reviews published.
Thus, Loox and La Taverne du Viking is required during the Moderation process to publish or reject Opinions when this is justifiable.
The rejection of a Review necessarily results from a manual action of the moderators following the reporting of the Review concerned.
All stakeholders and acts related to Moderation are identified and traceable.

The Moderation service offered consists of a standard model included in any subscription to the Solution

5.B.2. Roles and resources of moderators

Moderation is carried out by computer tools and/or human persons who are generally referred to as moderators.
The capacities required and the means necessary for the person occupying the position of moderator are:

5.B.3 Standard moderation

The Moderation process is split into two steps: an automatic Moderation followed by a manual Moderation.
During the first stage, called Automatic Moderation, certain Reviews are filtered and placed in Moderation within the Customer's Back Office. These are the following cases:

- The rating of the Review is equal to or less than 2 (threshold can be modified in the Customer's Back office);
- The Opinion contains personal data identifiable by the system;
- The Review contains insults or profanity;
- The Notice contains five identical characters.

These Reviews thus placed in Moderation-spam within their Back Office allow the Customer to easily identify and respond to potentially problematic Reviews.

At the same time, during Automatic Moderation, certain Reviews are flagged for moderators to review when:

- The Opinion contains personal data identifiable by the system;
- The Review contains insults or profanity.

For other cases, it will be up to the Customer to report the Opinion that he considers problematic to the moderators during the next step.

After automatic moderation, manual moderation is performed:

- on the one hand due to the action of Customers, responding to Consumers and reporting (to moderators) Reviews considered problematic;
- on the other hand, by the action of moderators following any notification of Reviews made by Customers or the system during automatic Moderation.

Thus, after examining the Reviews, the moderators decide whether or not to publish the Reviews in Moderation.

This automatic and human moderation system makes it possible to avoid the publication of Reviews that do not comply with French law and the Afnor NF Z74-501 standard.

Standard Moderation is done by default "a priori", that is to say before the publication of the Opinions. However, the manual part is available at any time from the Customer's Back Office and therefore can be done "a posteriori" if necessary. The Opinion is then processed after its publication.

5.B.5 Consumer Opinion Moderation Period

Loox and La Taverne du Viking undertake to respect the same Moderation period for all Opinions, whether positive or negative. This will be automatically set at D+7. It is specified that the other existing Moderation deadlines are as follows: D+14, D+21, D+28 (maximum deadline) and are applicable in very specific cases.

5.B.6. Customer review rejection and reason for rejection

Loox et La Taverne du Viking is not required to specify the reasons for the rejection of a Review that has been identified as aimed at artificially constructing or biasing the evaluation of the product or service.

Reasons for Rejection of Reviews:

  • the Posted Notice is considered defamatory;
  • the rating does not match the comment;
  • the Notice filed is not about a product a product.
  • the textual content contains random characters or is poorly written to the point of being unintelligible;
  • the elements describing the consumption experience are not filled in;
  • the Opinion is identified as aiming to skew the average of a product or a company;
  • the content of the Opinion is irrelevant to the subject noted;
  • the text content contains personal information or any other information likely to lead to identity theft (the first or last name of individuals who are not public persons, a telephone number, a precise address or an email address , credit card number, social security number, bank account number, or other information that could lead to identity theft);
  • the textual content encourages a purchase from a competitor;
  • the textual content indicates that the user has not realized his consumption experience;
  • the Avis manager believes that its civil or criminal liability may be incurred;
  • the content contains insults or profanity;
  • the attributes of the Opinion contain concrete elements of conflicts of interest;
  • a user makes an inappropriate comment about other content or its author;
  • the textual content is clearly spam or mentions websites, urls including those of the customer or manufacturer;
  • the text content includes a call for legal action;
  • customer service has intervened in the handling of the dispute, and the customer wishes to update his opinion;
  • the consumer has contacted the rated company to modify or withdraw their review;
  • the consumer has contacted the review manager to delete or modify his review;
  • the Avis manager believes that its civil or criminal liability may be engaged.
  • the Opinion filed relates to the shopping experience (customer service, delivery, website) and not to the product noted;

5.B.7. Editing and modifying

La Taverne du Viking et Loox cannot modify or delete the content of a Customer Review. The VIking and Loox Tavern therefore cannot:

- correct spelling errors included in a Notice;

- change the pseudonym of a member;

- hide part of the text of the Notice;

- modify the note.

In rare cases, the names and telephone numbers provided in Reviews may be replaced by stars in Reviews in order to respect the confidentiality of the Data.

5.C: Publication and return of Notices

5.C.1. Restitution of customer reviews

Loox displays all Opinions, whether positive or negative, as long as they have not been rejected during the Moderation process. Loox and La Taverne du Viking does not therefore make any selection regarding the Reviews published.

Loox displays Reviews chronologically from the most recent to the oldest based on the date the Review was submitted.

Loox and La Taverne du Viking reproduce the Reviews in their entirety.

5.C.3. Right of reply:

Loox gives the representative of the Product or service assessed the possibility of responding at any time to a Notice received. He can then:

• thank the Consumer for his contribution;
• provide answers to questions in the commentary;
• give his version of the facts (with the possibility of filing attachments);
• indicate any changes made to the Product or service since the Opinion was written.

• Provide a thank you promo code.

5.C.5. Legal nature of Customer Reviews issued by the Consumer

Loox undertakes not to retain indefinitely the Personal Data of Consumers issuing a Customer Review via its solution.

To this end, Loox anonymizes Customer Reviews eighteen (18) months after they are issued. By accepting these Conditions, the Consumer accepts this measure, aimed at protecting his Personal Data.

The Consumer (review submitter) is aware that the moral rights of the author could not be applied because he consents, in his interest, to an anonymization of his Review eighteen (18) months after the issue of the Opinion.

The Customer Review issued by the Consumer is similar to a testimonial, always relating to a consumer experience and is purely for the information of future Consumers.

Thus, Loox and its La Taverne du Viking may freely use, reproduce, publish, make available and translate the content of Customer Reviews throughout the world and in any media and any medium whatsoever.

Thus the consumer depositary of the opinion, can be prosecuted if it is about are defamatory or illicit or against the present conditions.