Delivery Information

Here we answer questions about deliveries:

Go directly to your customer account to track your order.

If you do not have a tracking number displayed, it means that your order is still in production. If not, click on the tracking number to track your delivery.

To reduce delays, La Taverne du Viking and since May 2020 entrusts the sending of its orders to its craftsmen.

They ensure the processing and packaging of the packages and then drop them off at a Ukrainian logistics company that operates direct transit bridges from your country to considerably reduce waiting times.

Please note that when a package is an international shipment it may be subject to customs charges.

La Taverne du Viking cannot be held responsible for these costs in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country of destination. Which are the responsibility of the customer and cannot be refunded.

Between the date of taking your order and the date of delivery, we announce approximately 20 working days for you to receive your order.

We do not offer refunds or any other form of commercial compensation for late deliveries. The information above is very detailed customers can expect to see these terms afflicted with their orders. We will of course do everything we can to help you in the event of delays and will resend orders if it is certified lost by the carriers.

That said, we emphasize again that once the package leaves our workshops, it is in the hands of the carriers and we cannot do anything for modifications or cancellation of shipment. We ask our customers to show some understanding and patience.

If the tracking number doesn't work, or it comes back as an invalid number, that's normal.

Indeed, the tracking sites synchronize their tracking networks with that of owner of the tracking numbers.

But unfortunately, the war is also on the Internet ukrposhta regularly suffer Hacker attacks which makes the site OFF for a few days and therefore the tracking numbers are all invalid. Remember to go to the site to check if the site is online.

We advise you to follow your delivery this site: you will be able to observe if the site is OFF or not.

Des droits de douane ou autres taxes locales ou droits d'importation ou taxes d'état sont susceptibles d'être exigibles. Ils seront à la charge et relèvent de la seule responsabilité du client. Si le client refuse le paquet aux motifs des frais de douane, un remboursement sera effectué sans les frais de livraison et de douane. L'article ci-dessous explique comment cela fonctionne et ce que vous devez savoir.

Nous ne pouvons en aucun cas contrôler les douanes, nous ne sommes pas en mesure d'ajouter des droits de douane ou des droits de douane aux factures. Car toutes les commandes n'entraînent pas de frais de douane, cela arrive de manière aléatoire en cas de contrôle du paquet par les services de douaniers

While war has been hitting our employees since mid-February. We continue to manufacture and regularly send packages from a country at war. We have therefore reorganized with our collaborators and logistics partners the sending process that we will explain to you below:

-Our packages leave from kyiv by train container to the west of the country, to be put on planes in Poland (the airspace is still closed in Ukraine for obvious security issues). Due to the size of the rails, the trains cannot cross the border between western Ukraine and Poland, the packages are therefore transported by truck and undergo a first customs check.

-The plane takes off from Poland and arrives in your country where a second customs check is necessary, at this level, the follow-up can be put on hold, called "blocked", for the duration of the checks by the customs authorities.

- Once the package has undergone the checks, it is therefore entrusted to the Post Office of your country to be delivered to your home.

The above changes and the way packages move around the world results in a much slower delivery turn than before (up to 3x slower)

Please know that we are doing what we can to get your orders delivered as quickly as possible, and we greatly appreciate our customers' patience during this time. La Taverne du Viking cannot be held responsible for delivery problems during a war.

Payment & contact

Here we answer questions about payments and contact:

1- You can pay by credit card without Paypal, simply fill in your credit card information, this system is secure and guaranteed against fraud.

You can also pay by credit card thanks to ShopPay, just provide your phone number and validate with the code you will receive by text message.

Once the verification is done, all you have to do is fill in your delivery information as well as your credit card information.

2- You can pay by credit card, bank card via PayPal and without a PayPal account.
Paypal is only there to guarantee our buyers an anti-fraud purchase guarantee and a solution governed by the commercial code in the event of a dispute.

To pay by credit card, go to the end of the payment process and click on: Pay by card on the Paypal panel

All payments are processed by licensed and certified financial institutions. We do not save your personal data or bank information in any way and each payment is secure.

Paypal payment in 4X free of charge is available for sums of €50 to €2,000 spread over 4 monthly installments. At any time, you can anticipate your reimbursement without additional charge. Just log in to your Paypal account.

To benefit from the 4x payment free of charge, you must have a Paypal account and that your email address, telephone number and your bank card confirmed on your Paypal account.

For authentication and security questions you can contact us only via our contact form during our opening hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We cannot answer questions about an order other than via requests made from our order form.

Order & Information

Here we answer questions about orders and miscellaneous information:

La Taverne du Viking works with 4 craftsmen, if you have ordered several products you may receive several packages.

Contact us then and we will confirm this.

Once your order is in production, it is impossible to modify your order.

Yes, the customer account is mandatory in order to facilitate the follow-up of your order directly from your customer account.

When you click on "Checkout" in your shopping cart, you will see your order information on the right. Enter your promotional code in the “Promo Code” field and click “Apply”.

If you're shopping from a mobile device, the text "View Order Summary" can be found at the top of the page on the checkout section

For all sizing information, please see our size guide

When you placed your order and finalized your payment, you received a confirmation email within minutes. This email is automatic and may be in your spam/junk mail. It is important to provide a valid email address.

Do not order again if you still have not received it, contact us via our contact form

We have created a page dedicated to this subject, go here: Jewelry maintenance

Attention, this maintenance page is designed only for our jewelry.

If you use this maintenance on other jewelry, it may deteriorate, because it was created with knowledge of the materials and techniques used for our jewelry.

If you have another jewel, refer to the advice of the manufacturer in question.

Soon we will have a physical store with a creative workshop on site.


La Taverne du Viking offers a 6-month warranty. If your product suffers from a serious manufacturing defect (see guarantees page for more information). We will offer you a new exchange of the article.

The La Taverne du Viking Guarantee does not apply against natural breakages subject to the conditions listed below:

Natural deterioration, discoloration due to friction, recovery handling, personalization handling, voluntary breakage, breakage due to the opening and closing of the bracelets.


You can return an item out of La Taverne du Viking warranty within 14 days of the date of receipt if the item is new, in its original packaging, without any trace of personalization, not having been worn, not damaged and presenting a proof of purchase.

To do this, use our contact form and the withdrawal form available on our page: Returns and Guarantee

Return costs are never refunded and are the responsibility of the customer.