Why Buy From La Taverne du Viking?

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- An Experience: La Taverne du Viking does not follow the trend, it is anchored in authenticity, our artisans from Scandinavia have been shaping each piece by hand, with love and passion since 2017.

- Authenticity: Our authenticity is rooted in the very breath of Normandy, cradle of the Vikings. We sail on their waters and tread their lands, in communion with the heritage of the men and women of the North. Our family comes from Scandinavia and still experiences Viking cultures on a daily basis.

- No Fabulation: No room for lies, because the truth is just a click away. Created in 2017, the Taverne du Viking is the fruit of our passion and our artisanal know-how, shared with you. Affirm your uniqueness, embrace the Viking spirit!

- Expertise: With us, 90% of products are made to order and 100% by hand. Each order is scrupulously checked and each piece is unique, made with our hands for you.

- Secure Shipping: We deliver our creations all over the world, securely and directly by hand. Each order is meticulously packaged in boxes bearing our image, evoking the most emblematic Viking symbols. In addition, we offer delivery for all orders exceeding €100.

- Our Culture: Our expertise in Viking culture, history and mythology is deep and authentic. We offer much more than just Viking products. Each creation of La Taverne du Viking is a story, a symbol full of meaning, coming from a true family heritage and not from simple research on Wikipedia.

- Unique customer service: La Taverne du Viking is the passionate work of Stevan, the founder, who manages each facet of the business alone: ​​from administration to the website, from new products to future projects, from social networks to multimedia content (videos, podcast infographics). He is also at the heart of customer service, committing to answering all your questions within one business day.

- A common passion: Our most authentic quest is to forge a link between the present and the Viking era, by relevantly reintegrating fragments of this ancestral culture into our daily lives, thus honoring the heritage of the brave men and women of the North that resides in each of us. and finally, Awaken the Viking that sleeps in you.