How to maintain our jewelry

We recommend that customers remove their jewelry during manual work, during sports sessions, sauna or prolonged baths (swimming pool, sea etc.. ) . Calcium-rich tap water as well as human sweat have a very negative impact on precious metals, as it sucks away their noble shine and gives them an old-fashioned look.

How to maintain silver jewelry from La Taverne du Viking?
Silver tarnishes due to oxidation of your skin. Money is created from 5% of copper, it is the addition of the two materials that promotes the natural oxidation of your jewel.

Unlike rust, tarnish on silver is a "self-limiting" patina, affecting only the top few layers and ultimately protecting the jewelry itself. This is why green or black traces may appear on your skin, this proves that we use no chemicals that are dangerous for your skin, limiting the oxidation of the jewel.

If your silver is already tarnished, try cleaning it immediately to prevent future tarnishing.
Use a cloth with a little water, or use a cream designed especially for silver, then use a dry cloth, rubbing gently.

If that doesn't work, you can visit a jeweler.
Who has special ultrasonic equipment to clean your jewelry, but this must be renewed every month.

How to maintain bronze & silver bronze jewelry from La Taverne du Viking?
Bronze tarnishes due to oxidation of your skin. Bronze like silver or gold is created from copper at 88% for bronze, and pewter, it is the addition of the two materials that promotes the natural oxidation of your jewel.

Although bronze does not rust, a green patina may appear on your skin or on your jewelry. It is important to clean your jewel at the first greenish signs.

To clean your bronze, try to clean it immediately to prevent future tarnishing.
Use a dry cloth (especially do not use water) , and rub gently.

Each jewelry fears water, creams, household chemicals and especially the sun. Indeed, the constant exposure to UV rays causes the loss of brilliance and the noble appearance of gold and silver jewellery.

Our customers should exercise caution when using makeup and perfumes, which typically contain a comprehensive list of substances and compounds that can harm jewelry. Regular contact with such materials can cause stains to appear on the surface of precious metals and loss of their natural shine.

The most important thing to do is to wipe the jewelry with a microfiber every time you take it off. (If you don't have microfiber on hand, use a clean, thin cloth.) .

The Vikings also take care of their jewelry!
Jewelry existed before cleaning products. Nevertheless, the viking loved jewelry very much and learned to take care of it.

Onion juice was very popular in Scandinavia. This juice is able to bring the shine back to a darkened product. Take an onion, cut it and rub on your jewelry. Then let the juice act for a few hours, then wash it off with clean water and let it dry.

An idea

At the beginning of 2017, in the midst of a career change, the idea of ​​making a living from his passion gradually took hold in Stevan's head.

It was then that the idea of ​​a site offering quality Viking jewelry and accessories with modern techniques, but respecting ancestral traditions, was born.

The beginning

After months of drawing, creation, doubt. La Taverne du Viking officially opens in November 2017, in order to stand out from competing stores La Taverne du Viking chooses a 100% handmade and made-to-order creation.

Our mission? Sharing our passion with everyone through our creations while remaining responsible and made-to-order manufacturing.


After 3 years of opening and more than 20,000 satisfied customers all over the world, La Taverne du Viking closes, the world is paralyzed by a virus.

But we are not remaining idly faced with our fate, we are taking advantage of our forced closure to think and work on new products.

That's when in May 2020, we are back stronger with 90 new products!


In our 5th year full of projects. The war affects our employees in Ukraine and as bombs explode under their heads, they continue manufacturing and shipping orders with disproportionate force.

Together we are committed to multiplying our strengths to continue our mission. La Taverne du Viking then begins a shift, offering new products, the multiplication of resellers, partners and delivery within 48 hours on certain products.

The Great Raid

5 years passed and thousands of happy customers, La Taverne du Viking is expanding its collection offering more quality products and always created by hand: axes, drinking horns, clothing, beard beads...

After two crises and a pause in our projects, we are still working on the creation of a physical store, but not only that.

We want to open a unique place that immerses you in the magical culture that unites us all and that Awakens the Viking that sleeps among you™.