Closure of La Taverne du Viking??

There are things that we would not like to write and yet, it is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines to you..

La Taverne du Viking could be closed permanently in early 2024.

While we proudly celebrated our 6th year together, we have suffered numerous raids over the past 3 years; first of all COVID with a 3 month closure freezing all our projects. Then February 2022 chaos sets in among our Ukrainian friends and collaborators. Our workshops were hit almost in the first weeks of the war, destroying all our production lines and injuring our employees. Once again, we undergo a closure and relocate our workshops with what we have left to western Ukraine and reopen 3 months later with great strength to re-offer you our products that you have been liking since 2017.

But we have just suffered a second blow of the ax which will change the rest of The Viking's Tavern.

But even with both knees on the ground we never give up, we continue to fight with a ton of obstacles that face us: Delay in deliveries, increase in manufacturing costs, increase in logistics costs, inflation that is growing every day. in days, depression…
But faced with this, we preferred to reduce our margin to the strict minimum rather than increase our products, in order to always offer you quality, handmade products at a fair price.

While in 2017 La Taverne du Viking was one of the only online stores to offer you Viking products, today we have around ten Viking stores which, very often are not declared in France and surfing this wave without knowing really this Viking culture or their products since 80% of it is sourced in China at low cost and recovering a big margin.

La Taverne du Viking has never surfed the Viking wave, we are Norman, Scandinavian and we have been passionate about this culture which is our heritage since childhood and wish to remain a French company proud of our roots.

But where our “competitors” sell products by the shovel collecting a large margin and paying no charge, since they are declared abroad, La Taverne du Viking with its handmade and therefore more expensive products, struggles to collect customers and therefore to operate the Drakkar..

So we have 4 months ahead of us. 4 months to reverse the balance and stay open.
4 months where we will fight one last time, to please you and pass on our passion to you through our creations.

We have used our latest weapons in this battle, and are offering you new quality products for less than 50 euros, our big Viking Day's promotions will be back, new axes are arriving, new drinking horns etc...

We are counting on you to be there, and if we win this last battle together, we will continue the 2024 adventure with beautiful and big projects and present to you Valhöll the first immersive place in Europe where time is stopped at the Viking era..

I'm sure you wouldn't like to see us disappear, so join our ship, and together let's conquer other continents.


Founder of La Taverne du Viking