Portrait of Odin

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La Taverne du Viking - French Company

Patina:: Drink


Size: Diameter: 11cm Thickness: 3cm
Material: Reconstituted stone

The main god of Norse mythology, Odin is an enigmatic character, associated with healing, battle, wisdom and poetry.
The "Chief of Souls" plays a major role, welcoming fallen warriors to Valhalla.
Warrior and strategist, Odin multiplied the quests, so in wanting to access the Mimisbrunn spring, which preserves wisdom and intelligence, he lost an eye.

This portrait has an attachment on the back for wall hanging, but can also be placed on a small easel.

The pieces are unique creations from our workshop, made from reconstituted stone and discreetly patinated with natural pigments to bring out the shadows.

Delivery within 48 hours from our Norman workshops.

100% handmade creation

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